More from Wunderkino 2013 – Hunt’n n Fish’n

posted August 19, 2013

Some of the earliest films were of a combative nature – there were boxing films, train-robbery films, and – as one of the most accomplished of early-film historians, Paul Spehr, described at this year’s Wunderkino, a gathering run by Northeast Historic Film in Bucksport, Maine – films pitched at hunters and fishermen.

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Wunderkino 2013 – What You May Have Missed

posted August 18, 2013

Oliver Gaycken discusses a genre of film you may not have known existed: Depictions of the latest in forestry science that government agencies and lumber companies made in the mid-20th century.

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It’s the Reel Thing

posted June 17, 2013

The Reel Thing is the real thing, when it comes to symposiums on technical issues relating to moving-image archiving.

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Wunderkino 2013: Visions of Travel and Mobility

posted June 14, 2013

It's almost time to go to Bucksport, Maine, for the annual "Wunderkino," a much-admired, multi-disciplinary gathering of devotees of moving-image history, theory, and preservation.

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Martin Scorsese Delivers Jefferson Lecture – Today

posted March 31, 2013

Today, Monday April 1 2013, acclaimed director Martin Scorsese delivers this year’s National Endowment for the Humanities 2013 Jefferson Lecture. And the event will be streamed live and free of charge at 7:30pm, US East Coast time. Viewers can also join the conversation about film and the humanities via Twitter at #JeffLec2013. The Jefferson Lecture

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Preserving “Time-Based Art” – An interview with Jeff Martin, IMAP

posted October 11, 2012

Jeff Martin, the executive director of Independent Media Arts Preservation, is a respected authority on a challenging undertaking: to preserve the fast-evolving works known by such titles – never quite inclusive enough – as “time-based art.” Moving Image Archive News interviewed him as IMAP’s Archiving the Arts: A symposium addressing preservation in the creative process

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AMIA Conference Registration is Open

posted September 25, 2012

Registration is now open for the annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, the largest professional organization in the field. The convention offers sessions and workshops on varied topics, as well as an opportunity to network with colleagues and other interested parties including vendors of hardware and software associated with moving-image conservation, restoration,

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Symposium: Archiving the Arts – addressing preservation in the creative process

posted September 24, 2012

Attend a symposium on preventive preservation, the creative process, and where the two concepts intersect. In New York City.

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Young Film Archivists of LA

posted April 23, 2012

Many a movie fan was made at college, thanks to campus film organizations. In a fundraising effort, the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Student Chapter at UCLA is running a monthly series of films at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. On May 4 2012, the chapter presents the second screening in its

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Wunderkino Weekend

posted March 28, 2012

What would you put in your wunderkino – your “wonder-cinema” of images that project your curiosities and personality?

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