The Art of the Trailer

posted January 16, 2012

The art of the trailer. NPR’s Brent Baughman reports on those ninety-nine seconds cut from four hours of unfinished movie with visible green screens and the director yelling cues from off-screen.

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The Birds in “The Birds”

posted December 30, 2011

Why did the birds in The Birds act so crazy? Well, because that suited Hitchcock’s design. But he drew inspiration from an actual ecological phenomenon and mystery that now appears to have been solved. Was it the plankton whodunnit?

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New Year: Great Time for New Work

posted December 30, 2011

New Year’s resolution: get a new job.

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Neil Brand: Composer and Musical Improviser for Silent Films

posted November 23, 2011

During 25 years of accompanying and composing for silent film and other audio-visual media, Neil Brand has become one of the finest exponents of a century-old art. A MIAN interview.

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How to Make “The Hobbit”

posted November 6, 2011

A joy for fans and filmmaking aficionados alike is the video blog that director Peter Jackson is keeping about his filming of The Hobbit, whose first installment is due for release at the end of 2012. He has mounted his “The Hobbit, Production Video” series on his blog and his Facebook page, and it makes

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Imagine the Archives!

posted October 28, 2011

Forget The Truman Show – on madman Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s filmset-panopticon, everyone is transformed into a Soviet citizen of 1952 (Olya, Stalin-era cafeteria worker, left) as civilians act out his fantasy of lust amid mundane totalitarianism, where everyone snitches and the cameras never stop rolling… Imagine the archive!

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Film: Why Settle for Less?

posted October 12, 2011

Motion picture film is currently being replaced in theatrical exhibition with digital video. Yet, writes Brian Guckian, motion picture film and motion picture film projection have unique physical characteristics that are difficult to emulate by electronic means.

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More Books, Always More Books

posted September 25, 2011

In MIAN’s book pages, this week, you’ll find descriptions of heaps of new publications relating to film, video, television, and moving-image archiving – Zaprudered: The Kennedy Assassination Film in Visual Culture by Øyvind Vagnes (University of Texas Press, September), Chinese Women’s Cinema: Transnational Contexts, edited by Lingzhen Wang (Columbia University Press, August), Masculinity and Film Performance:

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What the DVD has done for the study of film.

posted September 2, 2011

In their recent book, The DVD and the Study of Film: The Attainable Text (Palgrave Macmillan), Mark Parker, a professor of English at James Madison University, and Deborah Parker, a professor of Italian at the University of Virginia, consider how the study and reception of film has changed with the advent of movies on DVD

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Jazz Icons Update

posted August 31, 2011

The latest batch of films in the Jazz Icons Series – see our article from earlier in 2011 – will appear during the next couple of months, and reflects the company’s growing relationship with France’s INA, one of Europe’s largest archives. Jazz Icons is also working, this time around, with renowned producer Michael Cuscuna and

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